Best .40 cal compact carry?

topic posted Wed, October 13, 2004 - 8:05 PM by  Joseph
Question to all you all (especially to those who like to or have to carry)... What in your opinion is the best .40 cal compact carry?
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  • i like the glock 23... light, small, and packs a punch...
    • The best source for a qualified opinion is a magazine called Gun Tests---they will tell you in uncertain terms if a gun is worth a crap or not, what kind of problems they found with it, etc. They take no sponsors so they are free to speak freely without worrying about upsetting a sponsor. Absolutely one of the best gun mags next to Shotgun news.

      My personal choice is the Glock---but keep in mind that these little guns have an issue---they are extremely sensitive to limp wristing. Even if you don't have the trouble with any other gun, when you shoot a Detonics or a glock or any ultra-compact defensive caliber gun they take a firm grip to push against when the slide cycles. My Glock (in 9mm) cannot be shot from a true speed-rock stance or it'll jam. However, once I learned to bring my shooting hand up until the forearm was parallel to the ground before firing, it shoots fine.

      Also, the Glock and USP do not like lead reloads. Polygonal rifling has reliability issues even with the hardest lead. Gotta be jacketed.

      Look at the Kahr--but you lose rounds over the glock
      Look at the USP, but there are more controls to rub you
      Look at the Glock, but consider it the tool of a professional---you must train with it and be disciplined or you'll have an AD.
      • USP compact, I carry a full frame USP 40 in a ambiholster and in a galco holster with zero issues.

        Sorry adam but I totally disagree about the control rub your speaking too, especially on the USP compact.

        Then there is the adage about carrying what your best with. try out the khar usp and glock side by side at a range.
        • Your own post says why you don't have that issue---you use a Galco holster. These are very fine holsters and they keep the gun away from the body better than an Uncle Mike's sidekick.

          But that works both ways, the Uncle Mike's has a lower profile and allows the gun to absolutely snuggle up against you with a much lower profile---a serious consideration for thinner guys. Yes, you can cover it with a big floppy shirt, but I carry 100% of the time, every day from the time I leave the house until I get home, and the lower profile Sidekick prints less than the Galco---but with the sidekick you are more apt to have the controls rub you after 8 or ten hours of carry in hot weather. granted, the USP doesn't dig you like a 1911, but the Glock's lack of controls means it does not rub you at all.

          No, I am not trashing the Galco or the USP. Both are fine pieces of equipment. I just wanted to point out that there are tiny differences between each of the guns. I'd carry a USP any day of the week. Galco holsters are the shit too. Worth every penny.
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    The best .40-cal compact carry is the one you've got on you that you can use safely & accurately.

    Personally, I've always had problems with "compact" & "subcompact" handguns - I just don't feel a SOLID handle on the smaller grips they usually come with. (Even with the magazine-grip extender that you can add onto a Glock)
  • I have never been much on compact guns, however I am very big on streamline guns, guns that are not bulky. I carry (on a normal basis) the Browning Hi Power chambered in The gun is sligtly smaller than the 1911, thinner than a GLOCK, and handles very well.
    • i think some of it has to do with the size of the person carrying the weapon... i am small (5'7) and the compacts actually fits me very well... plus a full size is difficult to hide on some one my size... a good friend of mine (6'4) shot my glock 23 at the range and just swallowed it up.. the slide clipped him every time... for him a full size is a compact in that it is easy to conceal and a perfect fit for his hand... so maybe the question should involve the other factors that must be considered when choosing a carry weapon... just a thought...
      • I prefer the sub-compacts like the G26-27 because of the short grip. When it comes to concealment there are 3 critical dimensions--here they are in order of importance:

        1) Grip length---this is what sticks out of your shirt when standing
        2) Slide length---the longer the slide, the more it will protrud when you bend over.
        3) Overall thickness---the skinnier you are the more this matters.

        #3 is the area where Glocks fail (except for their new thin model) But--the Glock gives you 10-11 rounds whereas the Kahr and many others only give you 6 or so.
        • +1 for the USP...
          of course i own a fullsize 45... so i cant speak for the compact....
          but its nice to know the weapon will not fail on you when it counts..
          not to mention it can eat +p+ rounds with the greatist of ease....

          down side being, its not all that compact :/

          option 2....

          just my 2cents....
          which aint worth much i know...
          i suppose im just an HK/sig fanboy

          • As Eric mentioned, sub-compacts are disconcerting to grip because of their short grip that leaves the pinky finger hanging off the end.

            However, if you ever try to crush anything--even a piece of cardboard, with the pinky alone you'll find that it has almost no power of its own. While it feels odd to have the pinky dangling off the bottom of a G26-27, it's just that--an odd feeling that goes away once you get used to it. You can get extentions for the pinky---but they increase the grip length which makes the weapon print more during concealment.
            • Hey Adam I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I have some long history behind my use of firearms. Not all of its good, but not all of its bad either. Im a U.S. Patriot, no milllitary history that I can talk about, but I see a lot of terms that im familliar with but the only people that I know that truely have to worry about things like print and show, are CIA. I cant understand why most Americans would not want to show what their carrying. I know from experience that when a piece of crap see's a tool and the way a person carries it he knows right off whether he/she can make a move. most of the time they wont, just out of self preservation, but it wouldnt matter anyway, if the person carring the tool knows what he/ she is doing it comes down to skill and anyone with a gun knows whos better before it hits the fan. now thats not in an everyday combad situation mostly that comes down to whos got more ammo, lol but in personal situations it makes all the differance. Most scum bags spray and pray profesionals keep calm cause they prayed first and rely on skill. The only reason for any sub C, or compact period in this country should be for comfort sake only. I love all my 2nd amendment protectors dearly and look forward to reading your posts. if any one would like to chat let me know. ill shoot the E mail. much respect and be safe always.
      • Fully agree. I love my Springfield XD 4" but for me it's too big/bulky to use as a concealed. I'm looking for a .40 subcompact/compact. So far I have tried the Springfield subcompact (3") which is a litttle thick and not tiny but shot beautifully. I have smaller hands so the standard clip was ok--the grip extender (13 round) felt better but sort of defeats the purpose of a smaller concealed gun. The Kahr was clearly the best size-wise but even for me felt tiny, had major recoil and felt like I was lighting a firecracker in my hands. Despite the heads-up about jamming/limp-wristing, I had problems with misfeeds. Some friends told me I'd either like Kahr or hate it and I think I fall into the hate-it category. Just a personal preference. For some reason, I actually shot significantly better with the XD subcompact than with my 4" standard. I can't explain this but will compare again on the range. Anybody with other rec's re: .40 subcompacts/compacts? I'm looking to stick with .40 mainly to keep the ammo simple (same for my 2 guns).
  • I'm also looking for a "concealed carry" .40. I am a relatively new gun owner (welcome to Texas!) and my first gun was the Springfield XD 4". In my rookie opinion, this is a GREAT gun! I trained and shot for about 4 weeks and blew away all but one other guy at my CCW certification class, including some experienced, somewhat intimidating "gun guys". I'm not a big guy, though, so the XD isn't easy to hide, especially in warm Texas weather. I have thus been trying out different compacts/subcompacts at the range. The Kahr is by far the slimmest/smallest and truly concealable gun but I didn't like it--felt like a firecracker in my hands and I had a lot of FTF's. I was warned that if you "limpwristed" it that this would be a problem, but to compensate for it my accuracy was poor. The Walther felt a little better but still a lot of recoil and FTF's (I know it's the trade-off for small size but I don't want my life depending on it). The Glock 27 felt good and shot very well but I kept coming back to the Springfield 3"--I just love the feel and features of these guns! For unclear reasons, I am actually shooting better with my 3" than my standard 4"--I don't know if it's just the perfect weight/grip or what. I have smaller hands but even I get some pinky hang--the grip extender feels better but I shot well with the standard grip. I just don't think you can beat the safety features on the Springfields, either--I personally like grip safeties and dislike lever safeties, especially for carrying. Also, the smaller Walther and Kahr are single-stacked mags, 6-7 shots. I like the reassurance of having 9 (standard mag) or 13 (extended mag) with the Springfield--what if there are more than one bad guy? So call me biased, but I am purchasing the Springfield 3" in silver/black--they are also beautiful guns!
    • I think the biggest thing for most of you guys buying the Springfield or the Glock is price point..

      Most of you don't seem willing to fork over $900 plus for a subcompact...

      Well, you get what you pay for..!
  • I have owned a HK USP 9mm for a few years, and was looking for a Subcompact .40 for concealed carry, and found that i was very happy to stay with HK and bought the p2000sk... and what a great gun this is..!

    Someone in an earlier post complained that they don't like compact or subcompact guns because the grips are too small... well i am a big guy, 6'3" 350lbs i have large hands, and i find my p2000sk to be very very comfortable in my large hands...

    I went to the range near my home, and tried out, the Beretta PX04, the Springfield XD, and also a S&W, Glock, and Bersa... cant remember all the model numbers, but non of them felt as comfortable as the HK p2000sk, didn't try a SIG, used to own a SIG p223 9mm about 10 years ago, and found it to be tempermental.. also, i noticed the p2000sk to have less recoil than most subcompact 9mm guns i have tried... HK all the way..!!!!
    • I bought and love the Springfield XD subcompact. I'm an average size guy with small hands (no bad jokes, please). I have no problems with limp-wristing (like I did with the Kahr) and I actually prefer the standard 9 mag to the extended 12 mag (the crease in the extension pinches my hand). In all honesty though, it is kind of big for a "subcompact". I have to wear light clothes often in Texas and can't conceal well with my work scrubs so I end up not wearing it all the time--this obviously defeats the CCL purpose. I tested the Walther PPS (.40) and liked it very much but I don't know if I can get used to the weird mag release (on the trigger guard); it also only has 6 rounds (I recall) and comes with 1 mag with replacements a little pricey. I found the Kahr too uncomfortable and not as accurate in rapid-fire. Just my opinion. I'm still on the fence-- if I were in a milder climate with heavier clothing, I would carry the XD subcompact all the time-- I do love the feel of Springfields.
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    I guess by now you have made a deceision and purchased a gun . But incase you havent . Try the Taurus 40cal Milinnium It is a nice light easy to conceal and very accurate gun for its size. I am by no means a marksman and can shoot 2.5 inch groups at 50ft . For self defense you should not have to shhot further than that. Also I have fired 500 plus rounds through it without a hitch. And with a tranferable lifetime warranty what more4 can you ask for.

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